Thriving and not just surviving.

Instead of writing my 5,000 word essay right now I am writing this post. Whilst procrastinated and day dreaming about my trip to Spain (39 more days to go), I realized I never really post anything on here unless it has to do with travel. I guess I want to leave a post on here to remind myself of this season that I am currently in. I have mentioned this before but I will again. HITTT is more of a space for myself than for anybody else. It’s a place for me to leave a memories and thoughts for me to one day look back on. Today’s thought I want myself to remember is that life is about thriving and not just surviving.

The last two and half years have been very different years. I have had my fair share of joy, pain, uncertainty, clarity, peace, love and adventure during this time. I feel like during those hard times I was able to just survive. In this new season I found myself struggling with the same struggles of the last. I have realized I don’t just want to survive this time. I want to thrive. In two and half years from now I want to look back and see a thriving Leah. A Leah that despite the struggles, the busyness, the stress, the tiredness and the uncertainty I was able to thrive. I was able to still be a source of life; I was able to still give to others even when I was feeling low and most importantly I was able to thrive.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.57.43 PM

The word thrive means to grow or develop well or vigorously (thanks Google). That is who I want to be in every season of my life, the good and the bad. I want to grow in every area of my life, I want to develop well in the things God has placed in my life and I want to vigorously live life.

So today, I am deciding to not just survive this season of life. Instead I am going to thrive. I am going to thrive in the busyness, I am going to thrive in my tiredness and I am going to thrive in the uncertainty that life seems to be throwing my life. More importantly I am going to thrive in goodness of knowing the God is always good.

If you are reading this and you feel that life has taken its toll on you. I encourage you to start thriving and stop just surviving. I don’t know how that may look for you and your situation. I do encourage you to begin to live a life now that when you look back on it you can truly say you thrived in every season.


“O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

Psalm 34v8


t h i s m o n t h 0 . 10 | I h a v e b e e n . . .

reading: Translating God by Shawn Bolz

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetRecommend by a friend Translating God is a great book to read to encourage practicing the prophetic. Shawn has the most amazing relationship with the Father that allows him to hear from Him in such an accurate way. Some of his stories are incredible. This book has challenged me to look at prophecy in a new light. Prophecy is only prophecy when we speak it with love. Ultimately prophecy is sharing God’s heart for humanity, God’s heart is love for humanity. The main message of the book is an intimate relationship with God is the only way to have this type of love for humanity which leads to prophecy.


listening to: let there be light by Hillsong Worship

Even though the album was released last year I have only recently started listening to it. I
love it. At my church we sing aa few songs of the album, they also happen to be my favourite. The whole album has a very different feel to the other Hillsong albums. What I love the most about it is that it feels like a combination of all the other branches of Hillsong music. Yet, unique and different on it’s own. It’s definitely one of top worship albums. My favourite songs include, What a beautiful Name, Behold (Then my soul sings) and my absolute favourite As it is (In Heaven).

planning: my next adventure.
I am so excited about this year! In June I will be traveling to Spain for three weeks with uni on a thumb_AQKP1632_1024study tour! Yip, you read that right! THREE WEEKS UNDER THE SPANISH SUN! Ekkkkkk! I am so excited! Spain has never been a destination I have really thought much about, but when the opportunity come around I knew I had to jump at it. Though it is not all fun and games. Just include a 5,000 word essay to that as well! Despite the essay, I am so super duper keen for my time in Spain. Already I feel like I know so much more about Spain then three weeks ago. When the trip ends I feel like I will be aware of so much about Spain, it’s culture, people and history. I can not wait for June!

celebrating: turning 21! 
This month I turned 21! I can’t believe it! 21 is the age of where you are officially an adult in Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.12.25 PMevery country around the world. No more teenage years or in-between teenager and adulthood (yes I am talking about you age 19 & 20). I had the best day, spending it with my loved ones. I celebrated with a party in the evening that my wonderful mumma bear put together. I was not keen on having a party. It was a great night with all my family and friends coming to celebrate my day with me. A big surprise from Aunt and Uncle who come down from Dubai to celebrate with me! I am super blessed to have such an amazing community around me. I am looking forward to this new season of being 21 and everything it has to bring!

I hope you are having an amazing month! Enjoying the change of seasons wherever you are in the world!


Summer adventures

Summer in Perth is glorious! Sunshine, the ocean, long warm nights, beach hair, friends and family. This summer was nothing short of this. With friends and family visiting from overseas I was glad to play tourist for a few day. During this time we explored some of the Perth’s most well know spots including Fremantle and Perth city.

Perth City 

Exploring the city is always exciting because there is so many new things popping up! We went into the twice during the Christmas break for some shopping and sight seeing. Including going to WaterTown, walking through London Court and riding the carousel at Elizabeth Quay.


Freo! One of my favourite place in Perth probably the world! I love the vibe of Freo, it’s so hippie, calm and vibrant. With so many things to see, do, eat and drink! To do includes the Fremantle markets, the Round House, the Cappuccino strip. To eat includes HUSH, Moore and Moore and Bread in Common. To drink, coffee that is, includes Stay Luck, High Street Dispensary and Blink.

Summer in Australia also includes some important days such as Christmas, New Years and Australia Day. All of these days are spent in the sun, at the beach or in the pool cooling down surrounded by loved ones.

One of my favourite parts of the summer holidays is the food I get to eat! Christmas and New Year’s day is guaranteed to have good food served up. Including some refreshing fruit platters, dip, crackers, olives, chocolate and so much more!


So far summer 2016/17 has been a great one! Filled with family, friends, sun, the ocean and so much more! I am looking forward to the last few days that summer has to offer!

What are some of your favourite things to do during summer? I’d love to hear about them!



Hello 2017

52 days into 2017 I finally feel like the new year has started. January felt like a blur with so much happening, recovering from the Christmas period (yes, I am talking about the food coma) and everything else that December/January brings along with it. This year I am hoping to be more active here.  Sharing my thoughts, travels (lots of that going on this year), discoveries and everything that 2017 has to offer.

I am not sure how many people actually read my little space on the internet, a big warm hello to those reading right now, but I hope to use this space in the coming year to keep myself accountable of the goals I have set. As well as a place to put my thoughts, ideas, goals and my vision for the year down. By putting it on such a public space I am hoping that it will drive me to be more determined to uphold them.

Without further ado here are my goals and my vision for 2017. Ps. I have not added all of them as some are not quite ready to be put out there yet.

  1. Trusting God with this year. Believing that He knows what is best for me.
  2. Being more open, vulnerable and authentic with who I am.
  3. Remaining grateful in every situation.
  4. Saying yes more often.
  5. Being open to God using me to show His love to other people.
  6. Being more bold in my faith.
  7. Praying more.
  8. Reading the entire Bible this year.
  9. Spending more time outdoors
  10. Reading more books.

By typing these goals and my vision for 2017 out I am hoping that it will motivate me to keep up these goals and my vision for 2017. Big thanks to Amanda Viviers for this awesome Vision Book which you can download for free from her website. It has inspired me to be more intentional about setting a vision and goals for this year.

Here is to the New Year.

Here is to goals being accomplished

Here is to vision being fulfilled

Here is to 2017.

Here is to this year being your best year yet!

here is to .jpg

Potato Salad

Recently I have had a desire to start experimenting in the kitchen. I prefer baking over cooking, the other day I made a potato salad and it was amazing!

It is very simple and easy dish to make that taste amazing! What more could you ask for!

Wash and clean your potatoes. The amount will vary on how many you are wishing to serve. I used two bags of pre washed potatoes and left the skin on. Once you have washed and cleaned your potatoes cut them into halves. Then boil until soft.  Add potatoes to bowl.

Whilst the potatoes are boiling chop up one onion and one capsicum ( amount once again depends on how many you are serving) and fry them together in a frying pan. After that chop up bacon into strips I used about 5 bacon strips and fry them. Once the onion, capsicum and bacon are done add them to your potatoes.

Next step is to add your sauce. I used Zoosh creamy potato with classic chives, but the chose is up to you. Once you have added this to your dish mix everything together nice and evenly.

Lastly top your dish of with some parsley. I used dry parsely but you can fresh parsley as well! Voilà your dish is done!


t h i s m o n t h 0 . 9 | I h a v e b e e n . . .

Watching : KumbeJr Vlogs
s you all know I always love watching awesome vlogs. This month I have been watching KumbeJr! KumbeJr is a high school friend of mine whose taking on the Youtube world. If your looking for some funny videos to lighten your day or some awesome montages KumbeJr is your guy! Make use check him out and give his channel some love. Like, subscribe and comment.

Listening to : Strahan

2657908_origIn a quest to find some new study music I came across this guy, Strahan. I have not
stopped listening to him since.Strahan is a New Zealand artist with a sound that is a mix of Bon Iver and James Bay and lyrics  you can find from John Lucas and the Psalmist. Some of my favourite songs include Deliverance, Feel the Night, Resurrection Song and my absolute favorite is Water & Fire. Check him out on Spotify or check out his website.

Excited for: Sandy Toes by Robin Jones GunnPrint

I am so excited for this next book in the Christ Miller series. If your a fan like me you have been waiting for this moment for a long time. The moment where we find which mini me will be making it’s appearance a Todd or a Christy! We have been through the high school relationship trials, the college years separation , the first years of marriage and now the brand new season of parenthood.  The wait is nearly over. Just over a month before the book comes out I can not wait to get my hands on a copy! Bring on November 25th. Ps. How adorable is the front cover! 😍

Planning : Next year’s adventures

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-4-05-19-pmThis month I have been  dreaming and planning some new and exciting adventures for next year. I can’t say just yet where or when these adventure will happen but I can not wait to go on them. I am planning to hopefully vlog these adventure and share it with you all! Until the cat is out the bag, keep an eye out soon for more information about it!All this planning has involved lots of coffee drinking! Nothing beats coffee and adventure! As Lorelai Gilmore put’s it, “Everything in my life has something to do with coffee.”

5 Tips for the 20-something traveler from the Veteran Traveler.

Filling My Map

IMG_0342.jpgYesterday was my 30th birthday.   I decided a few weeks ago to spend my 30th birthday in Portugal and Spain. Portugal was country number 35 which blew my goal of  visiting 30 countries by 30 out of the water!

Anyway, I am having a fabulous 30th birthday trip but  I also keep noticing that the other “world travelers” suddenly seem impossibly young.

I watched a shiny new group of travelers at the airport earlier this week.  A few years ago I might have joined in on their political discussion or accompanied them on a adventure to see a kid named Zven jump off a cliff.   However, as I listened and watchedI was suddenly and acutely aware that I no longer fall into the category of 20-something hostel going, dreadlock donning, backpack toting traveler.

That was me for a time (minus the dreadlocks).   I did that. I…

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August Adventures

During August I went on a bit of a adventure with some friends to a local spot.Located in Rockingham which is south of Perth city Point Peron is a great spot for walk on the beach, over rocks plenty of spots to catch some amazing views. It you are ever in the are definitely go check it out!


Hope you are getting out and making memories through adventures!

t h i s m o n t h 0 . 8 | I h a v e b e e n . . .

listening to : Dirt and Grace by Hillsong United

This album is a must to everyone! Hillsong United have not only created beautiful sounding album but an equally beautiful visual in their dvd set! Songs taken from their Empires album performed in various locations in Israel, could it get anymore better? I love the live versions of the Empires songs! My favourite tracks include Even When it Hurts, When I Lost My Heart to You and Prince of Peace. My absolute favourite is the music video of Oceans which was performed and filmed on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water!


watching : Gilmore Girls 

Ahhhhh! What else can I say? It’s the Gilmore Girls! I am on the band wagon and I am loving it! If you haven’t seen it or maybe don’t know the exact story line I’ll give you a

Lorelai and Rory (Source Google Images)

quick rundown. No spoilers I promise! The series follows the life of sing mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory Gilmore who live the small town of Star’s Hollow. The shows picks up when Rory gets into an a prestiges school which will help her get into Harvard (her dream college). Unfortunately her mother doesn’t have enough money to pay for the first down payment and has to borrow money for her rich parents whose prestigious lifestyle she has tried to avoid pretty much all her life. This pretty much sets the show in motion as we follow how the Gilmore girls navigate family, school, love, friendships and everything else that life throws at ya!

reading : Somewhere Slower blog by Courtney Adamo

This blog is something else! Courtney is not only a very talented business entrepreneur and  righter but she is an inspiring women. Courtney and her family, that is her husband Michael  and four kids (ages between 11 – 4 and they are no expecting their fifth child), have just finished their year long family gap holiday. Yes, they spent a whole year travelling around the world as a family. Starting off in the US where Courtney and Michael are from (they lived in London for the last 12 years) then to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka and finishing off in Europe. I know, wow! I absolutely love the idea of going away for a year exploring the world together. You can read more about their travels here, read about why they decided to do it here and an update 5 months into their journey here.

The Adamo Family (Image source :

The last couple of months have been crazy getting back into uni, work and life in general! I am hoping to be posting some more content including some craft stuff, adventures and a whole bunch of other things!

Run India | #theyoungandthebreathless

For 12 weeks starting from the 22nd of August till the 12 of November I will be participating in Run India Challenge! I am really excited to start this challenge as I have been trying for a while to start exercise  but I have not made an effort to start. The challenge and the accountability will keep me motivated and going! The best part is I am not doing it alone! Myself and 9 of my friends will be doing this together! Whoop whoop!

The distance that Samantha and our team will be covering.

If you don’t know what Run for India is ( I did not either until yesterday) here is a basic run down.The challenge has been put out by World Vision in support of Samantha Gash who is actually running India. Samantha will be running a total of 3800 km across India to raise funds to support children’s education. Our team will be running the same distance as Samantha will be! That’s 3800 km in 12 weeks or 32 km a week! Personally, it is exciting and daunting at the same time as I have never been much of a runner. I  am excited about sharing my journey with you!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.39.49 PM
Our team minus 3 members.

If you would like to  give just head to our fundraising page and you can give there!
If you would like to keep updated you can subscribe or follow me on Instagram!